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  • Sherman Williams - Founding President

In honoring our past while striving for the future, we want to thank the man who saw more than his own church when it came to the Tri-Cities.We honored his life and passion on November 2, 2011.

We again honor his life and ministry! The following is a list of encouragements and blessings by those who attended:

Pastor Sherman, I praise God for your heart.  How you care for our church and all the churches in the Tri-Cities.  May God bless you and your family.  Ken Petersen

Sherman, Thanks for standing “for our city.”  Ryan Kwon, Resonate Church

Sherm, Thanks for taking a risk on me at 21 at the start of FCC and still today being for me.  Love you, Ken

Sherman, Getting to know you over the past few years has been a blessing.  Your heart and the way you carry yourself is inspiring and good example to live by.  I am looking forward to continuing to work with you over the next several years.  Jonathan Macciola (This note took me 3 different pens J)

You are my favorite example of a man who walks with God’s heartbeat.  Thank you for countless hours of sacrifice for our city and its people.  ~Christine

You have been a true Godly blessing to me and my ministry…May God continue to bless you.  Your Servant in prayer, + Thomas Cory

Sherman, Thank you for all the years of your friendship and service.  Since our time at FCC, teaching young marrieds class, to our time in CityServe, we have truly been blessed by your friendship and dedication to this great ministry.  Peace, Sara Cory

Sherman has blessed our lives tremendously from the 1st service of Liberty almost 10 years ago.  He showed up, introduced himself and asked how they could help us!  He dispatched a musician who assisted at Liberty for about 4-6 months!  He continues to mentor, bless and encourage us to this day!  We praise God over and over for Sherman.  Lovingly, Peter and Diane Robinson

Dear Sherman and Marti, Yes, to God be the glory!  He has done great things through you!  You have been faithful.  Ed and Pat Moore

Brother Sherman, I praise God for your persistence in encouraging us all to be Jesus’ hands in our community.  You’ve been a tremendous model.  God’s blessings!  Tom Zelt, Prince of Peace

Sherman, Thank you for giving us a vehicle through which we can help serve the people of Fremont.  Peace, Dave Sauer, Prince of Peace Lutheran

To a Dear Warrior Brother Sherman, Praise God for the vision God has placed in your heart.  Only He knows the impact of your ministry and love for the people of the Tri-City area.  May God bless you and your family more and more!!  Numbers 6:24-26, Pastor Vic Lopez, Word International Ministries

Sherman, Thank you for helping unite the Tri-City churches.  Thank you for believing in Pastor Paul and Karen and encouraging them as they pursued God’s vision for Crossroads!  Dwayne Petty

Dear Sherman, Your love, generosity and wisdom has blessed me and helped me to be a better pastor and follower of Christ.  Much love, Paul McGovern, Crossroads Church

Thanks, Sherman, for your part in starting and supporting the outreach to our Muslim neighbors.  Bruce Green, Bridge Building Facilitator




Exalt Jesus!

Sherman, Thanks for being an inspiration for us all and for supporting the vision of CityServe.  Always the very best!  Suzanne Shenfil

Pastor Sherman, Thank you for your vision and heart for CityServe.  We are so blessed to be a part of God’s plan for the Tri-Cities along with you!  - Doug Chen

Sherman, Thank you for casting a city reaching vision, but even more for investing in so many pastors in the community.  That impact will continue far into the future. - Pastor Joe Shreffler, Fremont Journey of Faith

Sherman, Thank you for surrendering all of you to Christ.  Without your encouragement, wisdom, endurance and compassion, Discovery would not be here — nor would I!  - Bless you, Larry Floyd, Pastor, Discovery

Sherman, Thank you for being a blessing in my life and ministry.  When we went through the Exodus in our church, you were there for me and the church.  Muchas gracias.  We love you and may God continue to richly bless you.  - Santiago Morales

Dear Sherman Williams, What can I say…I say that your Christlife came to be an inspiration to my life.  You are always a good man to me and my ministry.  - Love you to always, Eliana

Dear Sherman, You are one of a kind.  Thank God for your faithfulness to His call.  - Blessings, Sam Kawar

Sherman, You will ever fully know the encouragement you’ve given me just by your acceptance of me and my heart to also “connect” Christian men and Christian businesses to glorify Christ!! - Carl Davis, Jr.

Sherman and Marti, I still remember your gracious welcome to me as I came to St. Paul UMC and the time you took to get to know Lance and I over lunch.  Your care and prayers as I went though church conflict was such an act of love.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  - In Christ, Anne Lau Choy, St. Paul UMC

Dear Sherman, Thank you for your friendship and encouragement.  I have told IPC session that I will not retire at age 70, but will go on pastoring.  Thank you for the prayer groups for our cities.  - Michael Boyland

Sherman, Thank you for your encouraging presence and support in the ministry.  May the fruit of your tireless and dedicated work over the years endure as an incredible testimony to Christ.  - Peace and blessings to you, Mike Brown, Harbor Light

Dear Sherman, Thank you for proactively reaching out to me to be a friend and inviting me into a network of new ministry friends!  - Will Dudding

Sherman, Thanks for serving Christ, His Church, and us these many years.  - Bill Kintner

Well Brother, Another milestone which God has richly blessed.  You are loved, my friend.  - In Him, Jack Brandt, FCC

Thank you for your spiritual tenacity in serving the Lord and the Tri-Cities.  We are blessed to have your imprint in our City and on our hearts.  - We love you, Rinaldo Macciola, Harbor Light

Dear Sherman - Thank you for your Kingdom-first mentality, and years of faithful service. I wish I had more opportunities to learn from you. A couple things stand out: In my first year at CR, during a Tri-City thanksgiving service at your church, you honored Pastor Paul and Crossroads, and said that anyone who wanted to go to help CR from your church had your blessings. Also, when Paul was on sabbatical, I left a message asking advice, and you called me right back. Thanks for the example. - Love Dwayne Petty

Dear Sherman, You have been a blessing to Crossroads Church and to me as well. I thank you God for you and I am grateful for how you influenced me and helped me to be a better pastor and person. - Blessings in Christ, Paul Mcgovern

Praise the Lord! Thank you for all the work you've done for our church! May you life be a blessing for everyone you meet. Whenever I though my heart is filled with the grace of God. Thank you again! - Pastor Sung Wee